HYBRID SOLAR INVERTER… In one way or the other, you longed to know what an inverter system is all about or you are confuse with the phrase “hybrid solar inverter”.

In this article, you will learn the clearer meaning of a hybrid solar inverter. I will show you the key difference between hybrid solar inverter and solar inverter. I know this might sound strange at this point but this blog post will clear all the cobwebs surrounding this case topic.

Moreover, other frequently asked questions like [ what is hybrid inverter?, what is a solar inverter?, what is the difference between a hybrid solar inverter and a solar inverter?] are properly explained here. so stay calm and keep reading because I got your back always.


What is a Solar inverter?

A solar inverter is a photovoltaic (PV) converter or a power inverter. It converts the variable direct current (DC) stored in a battery to alternating current (AC). This alternating current supplies the commercial power grid or our residential homes.

Solar inverter is one of the crucial components of a solar system. It transforms the Direct current generated from solar panels into alternating current suitable for household appliances. Generally, solar inverters are available in different sizes and types. It has power rated in KVA. Click here to know the reason why KVA instead of KW.


On the other hand, a hybrid inverter is a more advanced inverter. It accept both direct current input and alternating current. I know this might sound funny, but relax, I will explain everything to you.

In a clearer view, a hybrid inverter converts direct current from the battery bank into an alternating current suitable to power up most of our home appliances. However, almost all our home appliances operate with alternating current input.

Also, whenever there is power on the distribution grid system, the same hybrid inverter Will automatically switch its input to alternating current and give out direct current at the output. This direct current output will now charge the battery bank.

Therefore, when you deploy a this system, the battery bank charges from either panel array or the power grid system, depending on any available one.


  • What is hybrid inverter?

ANSWER: Hybrid inverter is an inverter that accept both the direct current from battery bank and the alternating current from grid system as its input current depending on the available one. This type of solar inverter operate with both solar panels and the grid system.

  • What is a solar inverter?

ANSWER: Solar inverter is an off-grid inverter. Its input source is solely dependent on the direct current from the battery and only the solar panel output can charge the battery bank. It has no input connection with the power grid.

  • What is the difference between a hybrid solar inverter and a solar inverter?

ANSWER: Hybrid solar inverter operate both in grid and off-grid mode. while, Solar inverter operate only in the off-grid mode.


In summary, I believe you have understood the differences between solar inverter and hybrid solar inverter. You can check up here any time you are hooked with any solar system related challenges.

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