Have you ever wished that you could have a steady power supply 24/7 from solar system but you have no idea how to go about it. Also, you don’t know how to run your solar panel power calculation that will actually suit your load. This article also address every question around solar panels near me

In this article, i will show you a super and simple method for calculating the number of solar panel required to carry all the load in your home. This is very important aspect in solar installation. Because, inadequate estimate can make your solar installation lack optimum efficiency.

In addition, other related and frequently asked questions such as [ How many solar panels do I need to power my house?, How many solar panels required for 1.5 ton AC?, How much kW is required for a house?, How big is a 400W solar panel?] are solved clearly here. So, i urge you to keep scrolling and always have in mind that we are here for you all the time.

solar panels near me

how many solar panels do i need?

I will give you a straight forward answer on this question and i believe all your doubt will be cleared instantly.

The number of solar panels you need to deploy are solely dependent on these factors below:

  • The total load you have in your home.
  • Total Ah of Battery In your Battery bank
  • Your system voltage

While you are planning on installing solar panel in your home or for your client. At first, you should take in consideration the total load in watt or Kilowatt that your solar system is expected to carry. You can do this by taking note of all the individual power rating of every appliances in that home or you check up here in case you don’t have any idea on how to calculate load in a residential home.

I advice you follow this calculation step by step so you will not miss out.

how many solar panels do i need? | solar panels near me

Let assume the total load in the house = 4000W

AC voltage = 220V for countries that uses 50Hertz frequency. Use 110V instead for countries using 60Hertz.

Therefore, load current = 4000W/220 V = 18.18A OR

4000W/110V = 36.36A

Let assume your total Battery Ah = 1000Ah

Battery Bank charging current = 1000Ah x 10% =1000 x 0.1 = 100A

Solar panel current = Battery Bank charging current + load current

Therefore, solar panel current = 100A + 18.18 A = 118.18A

Let assume your system voltage = 24V

solar panel total power = panel current x system voltage = 118.18A x 24V = 2,836Watt

At this point, you can decide on the size of each panel you will deploy, either 250W, 300W, 350W etc.

Let assume you choose to go for 300W panel. The total number of panel to deploy in this case will be:

2,836W/300W = 9.5 which is approximately 10 panels.

2,836w/350w = 8.1 approximately = 8 panels

2,836w/450w = 6.3 approximately = 6 panels etc.



  • How many solar panels do I need to power my house?

After which, you have read this article thoroughly. I can say that you have known the answer to this question.

The simple answer to this query is that.. there is no specific number of solar panel needed in a particular house. Instead you have to consider some factors like: total load in the house, the system voltage and the total current of your battery bank. At this point, you can repeat the above calculation and then decide on the number of solar panels for your installation.

  • How many solar panels required for 1.5 ton AC?

Let start by defining ton, ton is the unit measurement of mass. 1 ton is equal to 3,516watt. So therefore, 1.5ton = 1.5 x 3516watt = 5,274watt.

Following the same steps as stated above, if we replace 4000W with 5,274W. Therefore, the total solar panel power = 2,975watt.

deploying 300w 24v panels will give you, 2,975w / 300w = 9.9 approximately = 10panels and so on.


In summary, you have seen that knowing the number of solar panel requires some technical and analytical reasoning. It is advisable you for professional solar panel installer any time you wish to invest on solar system.

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