Solar tech advancements … Have you ever thought about where solar system technology will be in the nearest future?
Solar system is about to take over from every other sources of electrical energy.
So, you should do well to follow up the trend.

In this article, I discussed in detail all the solar tech innovations. These innovations are so special that you can’t afford to miss.
For this reason, I urge you to keep scrolling and enjoy all the interesting information here.



Before now, I do not believe that solar tech innovations will get to it’s present level.
The first solar system I installed in my house was in the year 2016.

Then, I experienced so many challenges while running the system.
Starting from the solar panels, during the cloudy day the polycrystalline solar panels I used barely generate energy.

Secondly, I used lead-acid battery for my energy back up then. This also contributed immensely to the short comings I experienced.

Due to these challenges, my solar system shut off after working for a short period.
Since then, new innovations are coming up. But I will show you some recent development in solar technology below.

5 Solar Tech Advancements of 2024

  1. Lithium ion battery
  2. Thin film solar panel
  3. Solar window
  4. Solar paint
  5. Solar Car

Lithium ion battery: Solar Tech Advancements


Lithium -ion batteries are batteries that produce DC electricity through the chemical reaction of lithium. This battery has displayed some advantages over the traditional lead acid battery.

But researchers are still at work to ensure this battery make a great positive impact in the field of solar system installation.

Aside being the best battery for solar system installation presently. There are more unveil features that the manufacturers will soon improve on the battery. These features will include:

  • The reduced discharge rate
  • Increase in charge rate
  • Reduced weight
  • Ensure 100% depth of discharge DOD

Thin film solar panel : Solar Tech Advancements


Thin film solar cells use less materials, the cost of each module is significantly lower than that of stacked solar cells.

The energy required for the manufacturing process is also smaller than that of stacked solar cells. It also has Integrated connection modules that saved the cost of fixing and internal connections required for independent modules. 

Thin film solar cells are new photovoltaic devices that alleviate the energy crisis.

However, thin film solar cells must achieve two goals:

Firstly, they must be flexible enough to be able to adhere to the surface of large building materials.

Secondly, they must achieve higher efficiency than traditional solar cells.

Solar window:


In the present social environment, conventional glass windows can reflect upto 40% of the incident light. The secret here is to collect this incident light through a special exterior window glass coating.

Then transmit it to the solar energy in the window frame through the glass. The coating is inert and can still work stably even after long periods of intense sunlight.

Furthermore, the interdependence of facility materials plays a role. And the glass windows that generate electricity can also be combined with thermal storage systems for better energy saving requirements. 

If glass windows are applied to retrofitted traditional commercial buildings, it is estimated that 70% of the total energy demand (electricity, heat) can be saved.

Solar paint :


Recently, scholars have lay hands on research to assertain if thermoelectric materials can break through the fundamental flaws in the development of solar panels.

Imagine your home building wall system that absorbs sunlight just like solar panels. This is the advantage of thermo-electricity.

By revisiting the thermo-electric paint technology of the past, this family conversation may soon become a reality. Just be patient and wait for it.

Solar car:


Using solar energy as the entire power source for cars seems to be more theory than practical. But, in 2024 you shall see the wonders that solar car manufacturers will perform in the system. Such wonders include:

  • More efficient solar roof panels
  • Better durable and reliable Lithium-ion battery backup.
  • Lastly, cost effective system.


To summarize, solar system innovations changes rapidly for good. It’s advisable to follow up the trend because they are all there to enhance living.

If you disagree and you think I missed something please let me know in the comments section below and I will see you in the next article thank you bye.

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