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best solar panel

Best solar panel… Over the years now, solar system is taking over the source of the electricity. This is happening because, this system is pollution free. Secondly, we have sun light in abundant in many part of the world.

However, Solar energy has one challenge which is the main reason it has not taken over our source of electricity completely. This challenge is no other one but material capital cost. Presently, it is not every household can afford solar system installation for domestic use due to the initial material cost. But in no distance time, less cost solar materials or gadget shall emanate. Then solar energy will take over the electricity source wholly.

For this reason, it is important I direct you on the best panel you should consider as you are planning to execute your next solar system installation project. In other to avoid wasting money on less effective solar panel. So, keep reading; you will clear your doubt in a short period.

THREE Types of solar panel

Though, we may have some many solar panel types in the nearest future. But this article will clearly guide you on the three common types of panel you can always consider. You will also be interested to know that solar panels are made up of solar photo-voltaic cells (PV). Each of this PV cells is made of silicon semi-conductor. Hence, the best solar panel you should consider must comprise high silicon quantity to be regarded as the best.


Types of solar panel


Monocrystalline solar panel:

This is considered the best panel. It is the oldest and the best because each of its photo-voltaic cell (PV) is made of single silicon bar. This is where the name mono originates from. Since (Mono) is used to refer to anything single or one. This Silicon bar PV gave the monocrystalline the qualities to be ranked the best. Because, Silicon is more effective in full and also it relates to sun light well in this bar form.

Knowing all this theory behind this type, I think it’s the right time you also know how to identify the monocrystalline panel through its physical look.

Basically, monocrystalline panels are known by mere look because it mostly has a small silver color kite shape at the point of meet for each black PV cell. This makes it not to have smooth face look, it’s the best in efficiency and durability but capital intensive.

Nowadays, it is not all the monocrystalline panel that possesses this physical look. Therefore, you should consider buying your next solar panel from a trust worthy company. Then, you can fully rely on the label to detect the type and some other qualities.

Polycrystalline solar panel:

Poly also regard as (multi). Polycrystalline comes after monocrystalline. This panel PV cells are made of collection of multiple silicon fragments. This solar panel is also good but not as effective like its friend monocrystalline. But you can go for polycrystalline if you have minimal capital because it’s far way cheaper than monocrystalline.

Polycrystalline have the same physical shape and color like monocrystalline. The major difference is that it does not have a small silver color kite shape at the point of meet for each black PV cell. Instead, it has a silver color straight line that separate one PV cell from another.

Thin-Film solar panel:

This type of is a little different from crystalline family. Thin-film solar panel PV cells are made of other materials like metal, plastic, glass etc. instead of silicon. But little silicon is deposited in either of the materials stated above.  This solar panel is more flexible and light weight than crystalline panels. Also, it has low efficiency and should only be considered when small power is expected.

You can always know thin-film by mere look from its fragile appearance unlike crystalline panels.

To sum up, it is worth noting that solar technology continues to evolve, and future can bring in better and more super s panel than any of the above stated. So, I urge you to always check back for latest solar system update here. And, I promise you will never be disappointed.

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